Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review


This Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review is dedicated to all those women who love Nars foundations. But they can’t wear it for lack of long-wearing features. I know you will simply get a shock at first. 


Because why am I reviewing this! Where everyone already has an idea about Nars. But ladies! This is Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. 


This one is better than ever!


Why should you trust me? Well, I have plenty of reasons to convince you. Will you be a part of this judgmental session?


Mark my words, you will crave to buy it even before you finish this fan review. 

Why Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation?

Why not? The name implies itself – it is a long-wear foundation. We have seen Nars foundations are heavy. 


And they have a weight when you carry them on your skin. Or people can detect where the foundation went wrong. 


Nars Natural Radiant covers all these flaws. Yes! You just heard me right. 


Men or women, both genders, are fed up with foundations. Ask me why! The reason is pretty apparent, and it is because of the shades. 


Many people are around the world. But why do brands only think about fair people? What will other people use to look confident and effortlessly beautiful?


That’s another motive to choose Nars. I know Nars might have disappointed some users before. But not anymore!

How Long Does It Stay?

This mind-blowing, fantastic product has promised to stay 16 hours long. So, it’s basically completing the whole party time.  


To keep it for a long time, you should apply a good moisturizer. The more moisturized the skin is, the better your outlook will be. 


What's New In Nars Natural Radiant Longwear?

Well, well! 


You will find everything amazing. Let’s start with the first feature. 


●      It has featured strongwear, transfer-resistant, and so, the foundation will not vanish whenever you hug your friend. Having this feature is bliss if the weather is summer. 


In summer, we sweat, and oxidation is another problem during this season. To be honest, this feature has changed my opinion about the Nars foundation. 


●      Second, this foundation is untraceable. Now, what does it even mean?


Untraceable means you can’t find it. I think you have understood the meaning of it in Nars. With that, the foundation blends with your skin in a perfect manner. 


In our childhood, we have witnessed ghost-looking girls roaming around in the party. The specific reason behind this terrifying look is the traceable foundation. 


The foundation added an extra layer, and it was visible to the world. How painful! 


●      Nars Natural Radiant lets the skin breathe. Definitely, the foundations we have applied to our skin couldn’t treat it appropriately.


Why wait for more when Nars is here. It lets the skin be and keeps the skin happy as it breathes. 


●      Next, the instant glow! Listen! You might be hearing this again and again from many brands. 


These are not those average ones. Below, you will find fantastic statistics where women have indulged in statistics to review Nars Natural Radiant. 

Anything Extra This Time?

Definitely! With apple, raspberry, watermelon extracts, the finishing looks lavish. As you know, natural ingredients lift the skin at once. 


So, they didn’t forget to use the extracts of nature. Wearing this product, you will find the devotion of these natural ingredients instantly. 


That’s what people call INSTANT GLOW. 


Also, you will find this foundation fantastic because it suits dry skin, as well. I have dry skin, and I know that you will feel the skin is getting drier after a certain period. 


However, the other foundations might get mixed with the skin and do not provide a radiant feeling. To be honest, it is an exception to this feature and keeps the user flawless all day long. 


What else?


Well, I’m not done yet. 


It is a paraben and alcohol-free foundation. Doesn’t it sound crazy? Paraben is used in cosmetics to prevent the decay of product quality. 


But it isn’t good for the skin, hair. So, Nars Natural Radiant Longwear has avoided these two ingredients from their list. 

How Many Shades It Offers

You are getting 34 shades of foundations from one series. Awesome! 


Nowadays, men or women don’t want to invest in something that does not suit them. And Nars has paid goddamn heed to this matter. 


In light shade, you will get approximately 9 shades. For the medium, they have expanded the range, and the consumers are getting 10 shades there. 


Moreover, in medium-deep, the make-up lovers will get to choose from 9 shades. Lastly, the deep one has 6 shades. 


I think they have covered the range of shades with proper attention. 

A Real-Time Statistics

The Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Reviewis here to show you the real-time statistics. Isn’t it wonderful?


100% of women claim the foundation does not take much time to blend. Among them, 94% of women agreed Nars Natural Radiant is easy to blend uniformly, even if in the absence of streaking.


Among them, 75% of women agreed that this foundation keeps the radiant vibe on all day. So, what else do you want from a foundation? 


Not to mention, my smart audience will be asking for coverage. 


Can you guess? Think for 2 seconds only! Full coverage or light?


Well, this foundation has eligibility to show both full and light coverage. What?! 

What We Liked

  • It lets the skin breathe for having breathable feature
  • The foundation doesn’t fade away by the passing time
  • It doesn’t melt down with sweat
  • It has transfer-resistance features 
  • No alcohol, parabens or fragrance

What We Didn't Like

  • It might not be suitable for sensitive skin

No products found.

How to Use

This foundation has fantastic coverage. So, take one pump of pearl size and apply it correctly. 


While applying, start to blend it with your fingertips from the center of your face. Then, spread it all over the face. 


To conclude, the foundation has everything a person needs the skin to glow. You might have a well-suited foundation, but what’s wrong to explore for betterment? I hope the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review will change your thoughts. 


And make you buy it for once.


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