How to Apply Foundation with a Sponge


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional makeup artist or a beginner. We all believe the world of makeup was turned upside down with the invention of makeup sponges’ right?

It is the ultimate game evolver. Without spending tons of money for airbrushed makeup products, you can get that flawless airbrushed look only using a makeup sponge! Can anyone even imagine that?

Makeup sponges are completely ruling over the industry. So why will you be left behind? Relax and learn how to master in makeup sponges and more with our guide on How To Apply Foundation With A Sponge. Don’t forget to thank us later!

Know How to Apply Foundation with a Sponge

At first, damp your beauty sponge and soak it with a tissue. You can also use a dry sponge, but damp sponge gives more of a natural look. Then take your foundation on your sponge and dab it on your skin. Don’t smudge it, just try to press the product into your skin. That’s it. You are done with the foundation step!

How to Use a Makeup Sponge Correctly:

  1. The first step is to put the sponge in the water and let it absorb moisture as much as possible. It is making sure that your foundation or tinted moisturizer sits on top of that sponge by absorbing the water. That way, it doesn’t absorb all the way to the middle. Plus, it gets the most out of your foundation application.
  2. Then go ahead and soak it down. Because you wouldn’t want it soaking wet. Just a little bit damp will be fine. 
  3. Then, you are ready to use it for your flawless skin. 
  4. Take your foundation, primer, or concealer on the back of your hand, dip your sponge right in it, and then apply.

Makeup Sponges vs. Brushes: Which one is for you?

Makeup sponges can be better than brushes. The reason is that sometimes brushes can leave brush strokes. Therefore, it can make you look like you have painted your face, which is not appealing. Whereas the makeup sponge makes your skin dewy and gives you an airbrushed look. The flawless application of a sponge can make your natural skin look much better. 

How to Clean Sponges?

This process is actually going to take under 5 minutes to complete. First of all, get warm water in a bowl. Then place your beauty blenders there, no matter how many you have. Then get ready for the surprise! Go ahead and take some dishwasher and baking soda, and pour them all over the beauty sponges. 

Yes, seriously, dishwasher and baking soda together can do the work for you! Let them soak it all in. We recommend using some olive oil into the mixture to get better results. 

Then generally just squeeze them in that water. Then let it sit for 5 minutes. Then just rinse and squeeze them off. 

With cleanser: Take your blender cleanser and take 2 drops on top of your sponge then gently rub it with your fingers. Place the sponge under warm water and continue to massage it until all the makeup has been removed.

Types of Beauty Blenders and Their Usages:

The beauty world is evolving and not just exploring tons of makeup products but also with lots of makeup sponges. They come in varied shapes and sizes.

At first, let’s discuss some fundamental Principles of Makeup Sponges

  • The larger the sponge, the more area it is going to cover.
  • A smaller angular sponge can be useful in concealing acne, scars, and under-eye regions.
  • The bigger one is useful for the application of foundation and blush.

Now let’s come to the main types.

Round Flat Sponges:

Using Round flat sponges

I’m sure many of you remember getting these round flat sponges with your compact powder. Aren’t you? These are the first makeup sponges to have hit the makeup market. These are extremely handy to apply the pressed powder evenly. 

Makeup Wedges:

Makeup wedges

Now, before you could buy those expensive brushes, these makeup wedges can be your life! You can do your foundation, powder, concealing everything with it. But over the ages, we have realized that these angular brushes work great in smaller areas. Like the inner corners of the eyes, sides of the nose, under-eye area, scarring, acne, etc. are just great due to its unique shape. 

Teardrop Sponges:

Teardrop sponges


This particular sponge is like an all-rounder. It is a handy and popular product in the beauty market. When using this, use the heavier side for doing the foundation work on your face. With the tip of it, you can do any kind of concealing and contouring.

Just make sure when you are using it to apply your foundation, DO NOT rub it on to the skin. Instead, the right move for doing it would be to dab it into the skin.

Flat End Sponges:

This sponge is very much similar to the egg-shaped sponge. The only difference is that it comes with a flat end, which can be extremely useful for doing any kind of contouring on the cheeks or even on the nose. You can additionally also apply loose powder to bake your makeup. 

The most important recommendation is that whenever you use makeup sponges ensure that you saturate it in ample water and then remove the excess water. Because this is going to give you lighter coverage. If you want more substantial coverage, you can use it dry.

Mistakes You might Make while Using Makeup Sponges:

DO NOT rub it on to the skin.

We are here to tell you some of the most common mistakes that people are making with their makeup sponges, and yes, that means you!

  1. Wetting it. We know what you might be thinking. The sink is so far away, and you are too lazy to go there and wet your makeup sponge. But sis, trust me, you have to make it to the faucet. You do need to spend more than 10 seconds on that.
  2. Using a dirty makeup sponge.
  3. Cleaning it. We know that’s a sore habit but do it at least once a week.
  4. When you are applying tons of makeup layers, it’s essential to prep the skin very well. Make sure to press it really hard on the surface. Don’t embed yourself on the floor! But press hard enough so that your skin can soak the layers. DO NOT rub it on to the skin.
  5. Using one beauty blender for too many applications.

Final Thoughts 

Makeup is not for changing your face structure. Instead, it’s for enhancing your own features and self-esteem. Follow our guide on How To Apply Foundation With A Sponge, and upgrade your makeup skills! Improve your makeup games with the wonder sponges, and don’t forget to thank us later for our effort. 



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