How to Remove Eyelash Extensions


Nowadays eyelash extensions are becoming more popular than fake eyelashes because it is a convenient way to increase your natural beauty and decrease your daily beauty routine. By reading this post you also going to know how to remove eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extensions can give you a glamorous look that lasts for weeks without any effort of applying mascara or false eyelashes on a daily basis, you can just wake up with your eyelashes ready to go.

But these don’t last forever, only a few weeks or months. After a few weeks or months, you won’t see the glorious look or polish as it was the first time and it can also fall out. So this time you have to remove the eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are attached to the real eyelash with sticky strong bonds which don’t break in contact with soap and water. Breaking the bond is not easy until the specific glue remover is used.

You have to break the bond without damaging your real eyelashes. So you should know the right way of how to remove eyelash extensions.

You can remove your extensions from a professional technician which would be best but luckily you can also remove eyelash extensions at home. So here is the right way how to remove eyelash extensions-

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash Extensions

There are three ways to remove extensions, at home you can remove them by applying glue remover or using steam and oil, and you can go to a professional.

Using Steam and Oil

Step 1: Remove your eye makeup

Remove your mascara, eyeliner, or any eye makeup before starting the process of eyelash extension removal. Normal makeup remover can do the job of cleaning and will let you see where your real lashes end and the extensions begin.

Step 2: Take a bowl full of steaming hot water

Firstly, boil water and then take the water into a heat-safe bowl. If you want relaxation then you can apply some essential oils (2-3 drops of lavender, tea tree, peppermint, or eucalyptus) to the bowl of water.

Step 3: Lean over the steam and put a towel over your head

Take a towel and take a bowl of steam water. Then put the towel over your head and lean over the steamboat don’t get too close to the water which can scald your face. You can do this process for 15 minutes and then drape the towel over your head and lean forward.

You can repeat the process and then as the result, this will loosen the glue on your extensions so it comes off more easily.

Step 4: Take a cotton swab soaked in coconut or olive oil

Make sure that the cotton swab is enough soaked in oil whether it is olive or coconut. Several cotton swabs may need for removing the eyelash extensions.

Step 5: keep putting oil and swipe until all of your extensions come off

Start to swipe from the inner corner of your eye. Keep coating the extensions with oil several times. After coating the lashes with oil, extensions will start to fall off.

Collect the extensions and discard them. If your face feels irritating on the skin then the rest of your extensions are removed by a professional if you want.

Before pulling the extensions wait a few minutes for setting the oil on the glue. If it is hard to remove the extensions then use applicators or spoolie to put oil and remove.

Step-6: Clean excess oil

Wash your face or the area of oil with any cleanser. Make sure all the excess oil from the face is removed, for cleaning the full face, you can use any facial cleanser. Rinse your face with cool water and then dry.

Applying Glue Remover

For applying glue remover, firstly buy a professional grade glue remover to break the bond of eyelash extensions from an online or local beauty store or professional lash salon.

Step 1: Remove your eye makeup

Take an eye makeup remover over a cotton swab or pad to wipe it over your eyes which will remove the makeup and all of your mascara and eyeliner. By removing makeup, you will be able to identify where your real lashes end and the extensions begin.

Avoid using cotton balls or a fuzzy pad because these could leave lint or cotton fibers behind the lashes.

Step 2: Take an eye pad and place it under your eye

The eye pad which is thin and C-shaped will protect your eye from the entering of glue into your eye and will also protect the skin. Place the adhesive side of the skin with the scooped-out side facing your eye.

Glue can make itching or irritation on the skin and eye pads will prevent this.

Step 3: Use two brush applicators or spoolies to put glue remover on it

For applying the glue remover easily, use disposable brush applicators or spoolies. After coating the brush end of both applicators or spoolies with the glue remover, set one of the applicators or spoolies aside for later use.

For applying glue remover, use one applicator and use another one for removing your extensions. Your eyes will be closed so place the other applicator close by to find it easily.

Step 4: Make sure the eyes are closed

Before applying the glue, close your eye so that you don’t get the glue remover to your eye. This can cause a feeling of irritation, and sting in the eye if the glue remover gets into the eye. Until you’re finished removing the extensions, tightly close your eyes.

It would be best if you could take the help of others for applying glue remover and removing the eyelash extensions which will help to finish the process faster. If you’re doing this alone then do one eye at a time which will allow you to check your work as needed using the eye you aren’t working on.

Step-5: Apply the glue remover with the applicator like the way of applying mascara

Just put the glue on the area of the ends of your lashes where the extensions are applied. Don’t need the glue on the natural lashes except the joint of extensions. If you are doing it alone then just apply glue remover in one eye and open the other eye to see.

Step-6: Apply glue remover on the lower part except for the lash line

Applying glue remover below the midpoint on your lashes will make sure that all of the glue dissolves. Applying glue remover on the lash line can make it feel irritating or can make the glue remover get into the eye.

For this step, you need to be careful not to get the glue remover into the eye or skin.

Step 7: Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to break the bond

Waiting will make sure the bond of the glue breaks and glue remover will dissolve the glue. For this, you can set a timer. Make sure to close your eyes all the time.

Step 8: Remove the extensions

Take another spoolie or applicator and then with two applicators try to remove the extensions slowly. Start from the midpoint to pull with the applicators and the lash will come out with the brush. Put the removed lash aside maybe in tissue, paper, or whatever.

Keep this work going until all lashes are removed. After removing all extensions, you will see your natural lashes, which will be shorter and even in length.

Step-9: Clean with eye makeup remover

For removing excess glue remover, take a pad or cotton swab and soak it with the eye makeup remover and then wipe it over your eyes to clean away. Repeat this several times until all excess glue remover is gone and the area is totally clean.

After that, if you want to clean your full face then you can but this would be optional.

Remove Eyelash Extensions with Professionals


Go to a properly trained technician about removing eyelash extensions, you can go to that salon from where you get your eyelash extensions done. But firstly consider many things as to where you should go, the type of glue you used and the time would be a great matter for removing eyelash extensions.

Make sure the salon where you want to remove your eyelash extensions has the proper tools and exact glue remover.

When Should You Go to a Professional For Removing Eyelash Extensions?

If you are facing any problems with the eyelash extensions which are applied recently or for any other reason like the bad eyelash extensions which started falling after 1 day etc, you want to remove the extensions now, for this, you need to go to the technicians or professionals.

Because recently applied glue is kind of hard to remove.  It’s very difficult to remove a full set of extensions so it’s very important to go back to your technician.

When Should You Change Your Salon or Technicians?

Change your salon if you face some difficulties. Usually, eyelash extensions are safe to use but a beginner technician who lacks proper training can make mistakes.

Take a proper look at how your extensions were applied, if it contains many difficulties like pain around your eyes, itching or stinging around your eyes, eye redness, unprofessional, crooked, patchy, or unattractive eyelashes then see a different technician or change salon.

When Should You See a Doctor?

You should go to see a doctor when you’re experiencing redness, pain, irritation, or swelling. Some people can get allergies normally eyelash extensions which can sometimes lead to an infection that time immediately goes to see a doctor.

Sometimes getting improperly applied for eyelash extensions with the unprofessional can cause pain, irritation, and damage.

Don’t hesitate to get the treatment because sometimes it can get into a severe condition. For serious conditions, you would get through a referral but no need to worry, with proper treatment this will be fine.

The Bottom Line

Though eyelash extensions are becoming popular, don’t forget to know all the advantages and disadvantages. Getting knowledge from a salon professional in this sector would be better for you.

But at the same time, you don’t have to worry too much because you can also do these jobs like the removal of eyelash extensions that are easy to do at home.


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