4 Types of Hair Texture


I love my hair. And many of us want to take care of our hair just like they take care of their skin. Not everyone has the same hair type. The good thing is we can identify our hair type and take care of it according to its kind.

So what are the types of hair texture? How do you find out your hair texture?

The answer simple. Take a look at the first two inches of your roots, and that will tell you what your natural hair texture is!

Backstory of the Hair Chart

Many textures exist. Did you know that? 

Let’s go into the backstory of the hair chart. In the early 90s, Andre Walker, one of the most talented hairstylists, came up with his own Hair Typing System. It quickly became widely popular. He classifies 12 different types of hair.

His hair type chart is meant to just have a reference frame for what texture your hair has. Let’s find out your hair texture according to his method. 

Andre Walker's 4 Types of Hair Textures:

Type 01:

  • Born straight hair. Perfectly straight with no sort of curls.

Type 02:

  • Kind of wavy but not too curly. 

Type 03:

  • Really curly with a healthy s-shaped curl pattern.

Type 04:

  • Tightly curled and kinky hair.

Wait, there’s more. Each of these has 3 subtypes: A, B, C. 

3 Subtypes of Each Hair Texture

The Straight Hair

Type 1 The Straight Hair

1A: It’s usually not thick at all and incredibly soft and delicate. Its most significant advantage is that it naturally looks gleaming. Its drawback is that it quickly comes oily and dirty.

1B: It’s kind of thick and has excellent volume near the routes. So it looks way fuller than the 1A hair type.

1C: It’s really thick and voluminous. But this kind of hair type is hard to curl. We can say it’s impossible. Most Asian women have this kind of hair texture. 

The Wavy Hair

Type 2 The Wavy Hair
  • 2A: This is the texture between wavy and straight. If you apply no styling, it tends to form weak s-shaped strands. And it’s curled a bit at the end. It goes well with the styling. Making it either super straight or really wavy is not that an issue. 
  • 2B: It’s way more visible and prominent as shaped curls. It can slightly look frizzy as well as adhering to the shape of your head.
  • 2C: it combines wavy and curly hair. It’s very frizzy and quickly curls up in humid environments. It has tones of volume and generally thicker waves. To be very honest, this is my favorite type. It gives you that romantic frizzy look that everyone desires.

The Curly Hair

Type 3 The Curly Hair_
  • 3A: It’s shiny and great at taking any form you want to. This type has a much-defined s-shape, which makes it appear full and healthy.
  • 3B: it has smaller curl patterns than 3A. Ranging from spiral light curls to tight corkscrews. It also has a combination of textures. 
  • 3C: It’s actually thinner than the previous 3s. But you’ll find smaller curls at this texture. And it makes it appear thicker. On top of that, it is very tight—almost the point of being kinky.
It’s time to explore this last hair category.

The Kinky Hair

Type 4 The Kinky Hair_
  • 4A: this hair has an S-shaped pattern if you stretch it. But it’s usually just high coils. Their texture is thin, brittle, and fragile.
  • 4B: this type of hair bends with sharp angles and often has a z-shape and zigzag light curls. They’re like 4A type since they’re pretty fragile as well. 
  • 4C: Styling, as well as taking care of this hair type, is quite hard. You won’t see a definite curl pattern. And that makes this hair kind look beautiful. However, they’re hard to comb. It also has the most considerable shrinkage out of all types.

You can now go through our guide and find out your hair type to take better care of your hair and its appearance. 

Know a Bit about Hair Straightening
hair straightening at home

Hair straightening is the most common yet sophisticated styling for your hair. But there is something that you should know. Straightening can also damage your hair. So you have to consider some important things before doing hair straightening. 

We highlighted two types of straightening below-

  • Chemical Straightening: If you do it, your hair will permanently become the opposite of what it was, and it won’t get back to that unless you cut it or it grows back.
  • Thermal Straightening: It can make your hair from taking it from 4a, 4b to 1. You have to be very careful with the amount of time you’re putting. And how often you’re doing this. Because that could also permanently take and keep your hair to 1, and you won’t be able to come hair to your natural hair texture.

Our recommendation is if your hair texture is like dense curly or kinky hair like 4a or 4b, straight your hair a few times a year. DO NOT do it regularly.

Now let’s go to the next concern.

How to Make Your Hair Look Great, 24/7?
Love your hair

As always, let’s start with hair Group Number 1.

  1. First and foremost, throw all your essential hair oils away because the hair gets dirty and oily very fast. Here the only concern is making your hair voluminous. 
  2. Try to pick a shampoo that has curative clay. This component helps hair stay clean for a long time. 
  3. Exfoliate the scalp at least once a week. 
  4. As for the hairstyling, the best choice is Cascade haircuts of any kind. This type of cut gives a thicker and fuller appearance. 
  5. In this hair type, it’s great to get creative with a feminine braid or a high fashioned ponytail. 

If you fall into Group Number 2. Your main task should be making your hair look thicker without looking crazy. 

  1.   Try to use shampoos and conditioners that offer a moisturizing effect or contains fruit extracts and herbs. 
  2. Use a tiny bit of grape or mustard oil at your hair ends to keep your waves alive. 

Let’s go to Group 3 & 4. The goal here is keeping your curls hydrated. 

  1. You can use essential oils.
  2. Use shampoos that don’t have sulfate and silicon. That will make your hair look fluffy and wild.
  3. The hairdressers always recommend buying a silk pillow. It will protect your hair from friction.
  4. Hair straighteners are not suitable for this hair type either. 
Final Thoughts 

No matter what hair cut or hair type you have, you should always do two things.

  1. Take care of it
  2. Own it. 

This way, you’ll look like a million bucks, which can be the secret behind your luscious hair!



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