Tria Age Defying Laser Review


If we say we will present a product to take you back in time and give you younger-looking skin, will you believe us? We have found a gem for you, let’s take a look-

Below we have presented Tria Age Defying Laser Review. It is an FDA cleared at-home fractional technology. Tria tried to combine fractional laser technology with wellness to put that in the palm of your hands. It comes with a charging cradle and gives you such luscious-looking skin that everyone desires!

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It emits a Fraxel laser. Thus, it accelerates a resurfacing laser to get lots of tiny little, almost needle-like minuscule holes delivered to your skin with a high energy laser. Since it burns tiny little pinpricks into the skin, when you use it, you can literally feel the small little scabs. 

It’s a much high-tech and better to control microneedle for your skin. Therefore, instead of using a real needle to actually deliver a puncture wound, we use a laser. Visibly re-establish the luminous glow of your face and smooth hard-to-reward wrinkles for a progressively young, brilliant, and revived look.

What it does for your skin?

  1. It helps to make your fine lines and wrinkles less visible around the eyes.
  2. It smooths out the uneven skin tone and texture of your skin. 
  3. It inevitably reduces the pigmentation around the eye areas.
  4. Overall the skin looks very radiant and healthy. 
  5. It makes your face look firmer.
  6. It essentially resurfaces the skin.
  7. It makes your pores look smaller. 

Want to know about another significant contribution to this wondering product? Sure, you do! Tria smooth beauty laser helps to tighten your skin and deliver you a youthful complexion. Now the question is, how they do that? 

This treatment at home helps with the stimulation of your collagen, and it helps to create a healing response to the skin. It also helps eliminate fine lines and uneven skin tones. 

What We Liked

  • Tighten up your skin.
  • It’s like having a spa at home.
  • It allows you to safely use laser technology at home. 
  • It works excellent on pigmentation marks.
  • It’s suitable for all skin tones and types. 
  • It doesn’t affect the peach fuzz off your skin. 
  • It doesn’t affect your acne or breakouts. You cannot use derma rollers over your acne breakouts, but you can use it if you have an acne breakout. 
  • It is effortless to use, yet gives a professional finish.

What We Didn't Like

  • It cannot fade away wrinkles and fine lines entirely.
  • It gets so red often that people got scared and stops using it afterward. But eventually, the redness goes away.
  • It doesn’t glide that well on your skin. 
  • It is only for mature women. 
  • It’s a bit painful and burns your skin a bit. Yet, if you are a result-driven person, then it’s the perfect product for you.

This cute torture device promotes collagen production and makes your skin feel really tight and firm. It has been a big secret of many beauty gurus around the world for their luscious looking skin! Danika, Tati, and many other influencers used the Age-Defying Laser and promptly started seeing an improvement to the surface, texture, and tone of their skin. Their outcomes keep on improving each night.

What are the Tria Age-defying Laser side effects?

You may feel a gentle distress, for example, slight warming or prickling, which numerous clients state that it feels like a burn from the sun. These are ordinary symptoms and may disappear within a couple of moments or hours yet may proceed all through the procedure. They may lessen with continued use as the skin adjusts to the treatment. The Finishing Serum can help limit and calm these reactions.

Does Tria Laser tighten skin?

It makes your skin tight as it generates and stimulates collagen. It’s all about boosting collagen and elastin production.

Can you apply Tria Age Defying Laser on the neck?

You can use it right under your chin, but DO NOT use it on your neck. You can burn your skin because the skin of the neck is thinner.

How to do Tria Laser troubleshooting?

To get amazing results, you should know how to operate it properly. First of all, you should know how to reset the Tria age-defying laser as it accompanies the charging support.

Leave your Tria laser to charge ceaselessly for 24 hours, even if it shows that it’s fully charged. At that point, keep the charger associated with the divider plug, connect and disconnect the laser from the charger multiple times. This would reset your battery. When you have done the reset, leave it to energize for 24 hours.

How to use Tria Age-defying Laser? 

Achieving younger looking skin is so feasible thanks to the Tria smooth beauty at-home laser treatment! With only 3 simple steps, you can pull off the skin that every woman desires.

1st Step: Cleanse and dry your face-

To remove all the makeup and impurities from your skin, use a good cleanser. We recommend using the Tria Priming Cleanser. It’s specially formulated to remove makeup, sunscreen, every single thing that can block the laser light and make it less effective. The cleanser leaves your skin smooth enough for the laser to glide on your surface. Once your face is clean and dry, you are ready to jump into the next step.

2nd Step: The Laser Treatment-

At first, remove the laser from the charging cradle and turn the laser on by pressing the power button. You can select the levels using that button. The levels are: low, medium, and high, as we mentioned before. Place the entire laser tip flat against your skin and glide it from side to side. After completing the treatment, the indicator delivers a distinctive sound. The laser automatically turns off, which leads us to the last step.

3rd Step: Using a soothing serum-

After the treatment, apply a nourishing serum to help moisturize your skin. We are here to recommend you the best. We definitely suggest using the Tria Finishing Serum, which will balance and calm your skin from underneath. 

How good is the Age-defying Laser compared to professional salon treatments? 

The Tria smooth beauty laser is really equivalent to having fractional laser treatments if you look at the high salon price, which is a thousand dollars per treatment. You’d also got downtown involved because Tria is a powerful laser. Thus, you’ll face a lot of redness. You might have to hide at home for a couple of days, which isn’t ideal.

Whereas you know if you are willing to put the time in it, use this device for 10 minutes a day. You can encounter the same results as you can get in the salon.

FAQs about Age-defying Laser

Which areas can I treat?
  • Don’t go too close to your eye areas. You should keep using the product, moving back and forth. Don’t stop it because it actually becomes scorching, so keep it rolling.It takes about 1 minute per section of your face. Therefore, divide your face into 4 parts.
Which technology does the age-defying laser use?
  • Tria smooth beauty laser uses non-ablative fragmentary laser technology. It’s focused on light emissions that infiltrate the skin surface to make minuscule zones of cell interruption. Since each zone is encircled by enormous zones of solid tissues, your skin recovers rapidly. This natural healing process invigorates new collagen and elastin creation that softens and erases fine lines. 
 Can I use it on my eyelid?
  • Do not try to use the Age-Defying Laser to deal with your eye or eyelids. Doing this could cause severe eye injury, for example, permanent blindness. Treat around the eyes just where you can feel your bone underneath the skin. 
 How long do I have to treat?
  • The entire course is for 12 weeks. After passing the first 4 weeks, you will start to notice a more luminous and a bit of reduction of wrinkles. It’s an 8-week treatment protocol that Tria recommends. After the 8 weeks of treatment, you’ll get a 4 week rest period before using the device again. It is recommended to use it 5 days in a row, take two days off, and repeat it.
  • To turn it on, just hit the power button. It shows level one, which is one green dot lit up. The lower level’s approximate time is 30 seconds per zone. The medium level is 1 minute per zone, and the highest level is 2.5 minutes per zone.  

When you’d be working all along, it beeps once you have done 30 seconds on one cheek and then move to the next.  

What will my skin look like during this treatment?
  • If you have delicate skin, it will make your face bright red afterward. You might see some impermanent redness of the skin where you are treated. A few people say it would appear as sunburn. To improve firmness and increase elasticity, use a serum that should fit into your beauty routine.
  • You will start to notice a roughness in your skin. The reason is the skin cells begin to regenerate themselves, and some of the dead skin cells come into the surface of the skin, but weeks after, it will go away.
When should I treat it?
  • You should use it at night before going to bed because your face turns red after using the device. When you sleep, your skin starts to heal itself. Then when you wake up, it is beautiful, tight, and glowing.
Does the treatment hurt? 
  • The procedure is a little bit painful, and it feels like snapping and burning your skin. Use it on your skin in a gliding action and keep it moving. You can contact a few prickles, and there is more of a sensation.
Can I use the Age-defying Laser more than once a day?
  • No. DO NOT use the product more than once a day. It can cause skin irritation. 
I just finished my 8 weeks of treatment. What now?
  • It’s a multi-week treatment convention that Tria prescribes to exercise it consistently. After the 8 months of treatment, you’ll get a multi-week rest period before practicing the product once more.
Can I use it if I have Botox treatments or fillers?
  • Suppose you are going through professional cosmetic treatments, such as skin peels, laser resurfacing, or filler injections. In that case, you should first counsel with a dermatologist.
Can I use it if I have tattoos or permanent makeup on the skin?
  • The Age-Defying Laser is great for your dry skin and even also for acne breakout skin. But it ought not to be utilized on the surface that contains permanent makeup or is inked. 

Bottom Line.....

Tria age-defying laser is an ‘at- home’ laser treatment from Tria. It uses the same laser technology that’s used by the dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This is the best seller of the anti-aging product of 2017.

For making a difference in your skin, it is a worthwhile investment, and the reason is:

  1. It really works!
  2. Cheaper than treatments 

Capture the before, and after pictures of your skin, you’ll notice a significant change in wrinkles or hyperpigmentations, imperfections you have. You would get healthier skin. It damages the old skin underneath and then produces new collagen to make your skin look younger. You will start to see visible results like a smoother skin within as few as 2 weeks. 

We recommend it to anyone with anti-aging issue who need something to snap their skin back to life. Unleash your radiant, glowing skin with this magic laser treatment at home. Don’t forget to thank us later for our Tria age defying laser review.


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