10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews


Hair clippers are the most hassle-free tool for those working in salons and love to make different hairstyles at home. Since this is the season of quarantine, everyone wants the best salon treatment at home. Here we are going to discuss about best cordless hair clippers.

Also, staying home all day seems to be pretty much annoying. But if you’re going to do something unique or fun with your hair, you might look for a decent hair clipper to meet your needs.

In our Best Cordless Hair Clippers guide, we will help you choose the top products according to your demand & budget. 

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A Few Tips for Using Cordless Clippers

A hair clipper is a smart tool for those who are thinking about trimming their hair on their own. Here we have detailed a few required steps to let the beginners make the best use of a hair clipper. Scroll below to learn!

  1. Wash your hair

Before starting the commencement, make sure your hair is washed correctly. That’s because it clears out the dirt, grime, and any remaining oily product from your hair and makes your hair tangle-free. Otherwise – oily, tangled hair is prone to get caught in the hair clippers. Comb your hair to dry it entirely as wet hair may result in a different look than what you desired. Besides, damp hair may rust the clipper blades and ruin your hairstyle.

  1. Preparation against the mess

Of course, you don’t want to ruin your cloth and floor with your clipped hair. Thus, grab the barber’s cape and towel to prevent the clipped hair from falling on your cloth or surface. If you’re at home, place a plastic sheet on your floor to avoid hair from littering all over the floor.  

  1. Be familiar with the guard size.

Most hair clippers come with different comb and guard options that allow you to get your desired cut and length. But some clippers feature built-in adjustable clipper guards – useful for maintaining the same length across your entire head.

The grade between 7 and 8 gives a 25mm length cut and the hair length gets shorter as the grade goes below 4. Thus, the length of your hair cut mostly depends on the size of the clipper guard. In general, the cut gets shorter as the guard gets reduced.  

  1. Run the clipper against your hair growth

The right way to use a clipper is to move it in the opposite direction of your hair growth. For example, if your side and back hair grow down, you’ll need to run the clipper upward on the sides and back of your head. Move the clipper from the front to the back of your head to the top of your head. For quickest cut, move your clipper steadily to catch as much hair as possible into the blade with each action. And hold your clipper pointing downward and move it lightly touching your scalp.

  1. When to use the lower number guard 

You should use the lower number guard while considering moving the clipper around the back of your neck, ears, and sideburns. Before you apply the clipper, carefully cut a line at the back of the neck and around the ears and then afterward draw the clipper downwards from the hairline.  

Later, trim around your ears and neck with scissors to get rid of scraggly hair. This will give you a desired cleaner look all-around. Make sure the scissor is sharp and meant for cutting hair.

To get razor-sharp sideburns, just cut a line at the bottom of each sideburn. You can use a mirror to make sure that both the sideburns are the same in length. And use a guard to remove the facial hair below the sideburns.

  1. Give your clipper some care

You must clean your clipper blades at least two times a week. That’s because griminess makes the blades unhygienic, which results in inflammation on your skin. Also, the blades become blunt that you may experience a painful, unpleasant haircut.  

To maintain the hygienic condition of the blades – following each use, brush the blades followed by disinfecting them with alcohol. And then apply a thin film of the oily liquid that came with your clipper. Before you apply the oily liquid, make sure the blades are clean and dry. If you omit the oil on the blades after each usage, the blades will lose their expected lifespan and sharpness.

Cordless Vs. Corded Clippers: What is the difference?

The difference between a cordless and corded clipper is very slight. Yet, the corded or cordless feature can be a deciding factor about which one to buy. Both of the designs come with some remarkable pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at both types of clippers.

As you can notice that the main difference between these two is the power cord. A corded clipper features a cord attached to the bottom of the clipper, supplies power to directly operate the clipper.

Whereas, a cordless hair clipper is free-form any cord attachment as it runs on battery power. Many upgraded cordless hair clippers offer a flexible option that can also be operated with a power cord. Yet, a cordless clipper requires a power cord to charge its battery. And you can remove the cord once the battery is fully charged.

Corded Clipper - Advantage & Disadvantage

Corded clippers don’t run on battery; therefore, the main advantage of a corded clipper is that it won’t run out of power/charge in the course of its usage. And of course, you won’t have to wait for your corded clipper to get fully charged. 

While using a corded clipper, you simply need to plug in the clipper and get your business done. Choosing a corded clipper is a smart idea if you’re often in a rush. Beyond that, corded clipper lasts long compared to the cordless one as there is no issue of battery replacement.

Unlike cordless clippers, your corded clipper won’t slow down in the middle of a job if the power source wanes. Due to the direct electrical connection, corded clippers have more power than cordless ones. But this doesn’t imply that cordless clippers don’t have enough power to get your job done smoothly.

The main disadvantage of using a corded clipper is that you cannot move around in the course of trimming your hair as it needs to be plugged in throughout the process. And the long cord often tangles, which will cost your precious time to free the tangle of wire before you can use it.   

Cordless Clipper - Advantage & Disadvantage

There are plenty of advantages associated with cordless clippers. You are likely to choose a cordless clipper over a corded one. The most significant advantage is that a cordless clipper gives you the mobility and flexibility which a corded clipper cannot. That’s because a cordless clipper is designed to be cord-free. Thus, you won’t have to face a tangle of wire when you are in a hurry.

A cordless clipper allows you to use it anywhere you want. It runs on built-in batteries instead of using any plug-in system. The good news is most cordless clippers come with long-lasting batteries so you won’t have to carry the charger during short trips.   

A battery is required to power a cordless clipper thus, you’ll have to face some disadvantages too. As we know, battery-operated devices stop working when the battery runs out. The situation is the same for corded clippers.    

Most cordless clippers can give you a runtime of 40 to 60 minutes with one full charge. Some even offer more than this, but a clipper with long battery life comes with a hefty price. Unfortunately, cordless clippers are not completely cord-free, you have to carry the charging cord or charging stand that comes with the package. Charging time varies from model to model. Some take several hours to be fully charged, which is very time-consuming. This can be quite annoying when you’re in a hurry. Many cordless clippers feature fast-charging, but these will cost you more than usual. Besides, you’ll have to pay for its maintenance as the battery replacement might be necessary every now and then.  

10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews:

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series

Wahl professional series is intended for professional use that comes with a commercial grade line of products. Nowadays, it has been a very popular trimmer to the stylists. However, this hair clipper offers multiple great features and benefits which makes them reliable for anyone.

Some may love to hear that Wahl Professional 5 star series is made in the USA. This product is based on the Lithium-Ion Cord/Cordless Detailer Li with a run time of 100 minutes. It includes a rotary motor and a 2215 adjustable t-wide blade. It also comes with additional accessories such as trimmer, 3 trimming guidance, recharging transformer, recharging stand, pre-shave brush, cleaning brush, operating instructions, oil, and red blade. 

Its Lithium-Ion Cord/Cordless Detailer Li battery is designed to deliver sharp performance according to the expert’s demand. Also, it has Lithium-Ion Cordless Detailer Li-battery and a t-wide blade. This T-wide blade is designed for extremely close cutting which offers detailed fine line trimming. 

This hair clipper has a recharging stand with a unique swivel cord rotation feature that runs with or without cord.

What We Liked

– Durable battery.

– Adjustable t-wide blade.

– Good for trimming. 

– Unique swivel cord rotation.

-Runs with or without cord.


What We Didn't Like

– Not suitable for beginners. 

Wahl has introduced another hair clipper and trimmer which is suitable for all ages of people. Like the previous one, this is also getting hyped due to its flexible benefits and features.

This product arrives with Color Pro Cordless, which is rechargeable and wireless. You can use the clipper on the battery with or without a cord or during charging. Also, the colored clipper has the comb attachment, and the comb comes with attachment guides. 

For users quick reference, it has the color key on the face of the clipper. The good thing is, it runs on a worldwide voltage. (220v or dual voltage) and the Grooming on the Go duration is about 60 minutes. 

This rechargeable hair clipper has numerous advantages plus it is rechargeable and wireless. Likewise, it has a color-coded guide comb corresponding with the right cutting length of your hair. Thus, it becomes more comfortable than ever.

Blades are easily removable and you can easily wash away any excess clippings and trimmings. It provides smooth, easy haircuts according to the variety of cutting lengths, which is pain-free. Additionally, you can use it during traveling, vacation, business trips, and more.

What We Liked

– Rechargeable and wireless. 

-Attachment combs & color variations.  

– Easy to trim. 

-Washable blades.

-Easy to carry.

-For all ages of people.


What We Didn't Like

– No mention of the durability of the battery. 

Wahl professional cordless magic clip is a commercial-grade hair clipper that is suitable for cutting thick hair. Besides, this magic clip is highly recommended for those who are looking for heavy-duty performance. The best thing is its perfect for blending and fades.

Now, if you are looking for the features according to its precision, pay heed to the performance of zero-overlap blades, a taper lever, and a lithium-ion battery, which runs 90+ minutes per charge. A clipper, attachment guide with proper measurement, charging transformer, styling comb, brush, blade oil, red blade guard, and the operating instruction are also included.

We want to provide product specifications for your convenience so that you can examine yourself before buying it. The electric haircutting machine measures are 6.25” long, and the weight is only 10 ounces. Unlike the previous product, it does not run on worldwide voltage, but it has a minimum power frequency, which is 120 Voltz-60 Hertz. 

What We Liked

– Adjustable 5-star corded.

– Heavy-duty performance. 

– Suitable for cutting thick hair. 

– Perfect for blending and fades.

– Excellent performance of the battery.

What We Didn't Like

– No worldwide voltage.

Andis is a professional Master clipper that provides a classical performance so that you can feel the cordless freedom and convenience. It has a lithium-ion battery that provides over 90 minutes running time for robust and long-lasting power. Also, it charges faster than any other clipper. Additionally, it has a powerful and high-speed rotary motor. Thus, the blade’s speed per meter is counted as 7200, which is featuring the constant speed technology. 

On the other hand, it has a lightweight aluminum housing, which is unbreakable. To some extent, it depends on your usage. The carbon-speed blades are adjustable to approximately 000 to 1. And it has cord/cordless operation features with an LED light. It indicates the battery power level so that you can charge it according to your needs. 

Comparing with the other clippers, the weight of this product is lesser than 10oz. Therefore, you can carry with yourself anywhere you want. Consequently, it is famous for its ergonomic use and perfect for reliable power that lasts all day. 

What We Liked

– High performance of the battery.

-Easy to carry. 

-Long-lasting power.

-High-speed rotary motor.

– Adjustable blades with zero-gapped.

-Reliable operating system.

What We Didn't Like

– Only for professional use.

– Unsure about product originality. 

If you are only looking for a professional hair clipper for trimming your hair, then Babyliss Pro Gold Fx is the best choice for professional usage. Why should you keep it in your wishlist? Because it is almost the same as the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series that we have mentioned above. However, you may find a slight difference by examining its feature and benefits. 

This trimmer is ultimately best for outlining hair trimming, which helps to give you a professional finishing. It comes out with a metal body, and it is a cord/cordless hair trimmer. Like Wahl Professional 5 Stars, it is featured with an exposed T-blade. But if you want to compare with Wahl, it has only 360 views and high-torque t-blade performance. This product also comes out with Titanium Blade and it has a Ferrari designed engine that looks classy. 

The battery performance is higher than other hair clippers. Again, it comes out with lithium battery with a 2-hour runtime. You can do styling within your comfort zone thanks to its knurled barbell grip. This product is right for crispy edges ups, hard lines, and all other detailed works. Therefore, its styling tools are versatile and long-lasting. 

What We Liked

– Great t-blade performance.

– Knurled barbell grip.

– Suitable for detailed works.

– Great battery durability.

What We Didn't Like

– No quality control.

– Unsatisfactory charging method.

Are you in quest of an all-in-one feature in a hair trimmer that makes your professional life less troubling? Then you have clicked to the site. Andis Profoil Lithium shaver delivers high-performance shaver, which is made with gold titanium material. This material comes out with a hypoallergenic foil that provides perfect cut and ensures safety for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Besides, the shape of the shaver looks like a contoured face with a cordless design. Since it has a unique staggered head design, it is perfect for a close and irritation-free shave. Moreover, the cutter blades are high for optimum performance as it offers dual, independent drive shafts.

On top of that, this shaver works up to 80 minutes long on a single long charge due to its rechargeable battery-power system. Also, it has quite a powerful rotary motor system that is perfect for easy use. Additionally, it has a versatile design that gives you the perfect finishing touch for maintaining fade and bald hairstyles. 

What We Liked

– Great optical performance.

– Suitable for close shaves.

– Rechargeable battery-powered system.

– Ensures safety with perfect cutting.

– Great value for money.

What We Didn't Like

– Not recommended for non-trained hairstylists. 

Do you want to surprise someone with your look? May it be for an urgent office meeting or a quick meeting with your loved ones? We know, to some extent, it is impossible to create any look within a short period. However, Panasonic ER GB80 is the best solution to get rid over with all your problems. 

Panasonic ER GB80 is easy to maintain, whether you are styling at home or in a rush to go somewhere. It has a 2-in-one feature that ensures the highest standard of trimmer and clipper quality. Its super sharp stainless-steel 45-degree hypoallergenic angel blades are not only durable, comfortable, and reliable to use for sensitive skin but also suitable for quick and clean cutting. Moreover, it has three attachments of combs which is ideal as a body, face and hair groomer. 

This trimmer comes out with a rechargeable battery with an LED light system with a great running time for up to 50 minutes. Other accessories include ac adapter/charger (ac 100-240v), and a cleaning brush. Similarly, this electronic hair trimmer has 39 precision trimmer settings to customize your hair lengths and help you give a smooth, clipping, and detailed cutting. 

What We Liked

– Easy to wash.

– Rechargeable and convenient.  

– Recommended for sensitive skin.

 – Ergonomic, lightweight with rubberized grip.


What We Didn't Like

– No charging station.

– No wet/dry operation. 

Well, there is nothing new to say about Babyliss products. Many customers believe in buying their products without ensuring the quality because they are known for providing high-quality. However, sometimes, a successful brand might fail to deliver the best of the product. We should look at the features and benefits of this product and find out whether it is efficient to use or not. 

Babyliss PRO MetalFX is one of the most potent hair clippers which has a Ferrari designed engine. Worthy to mention the engine of the clipper is classy. It produces higher torque. Comparatively, this is standard that other pivot motors. Not only that, but this is also more durable and flexible to use. Additionally, the clipper is more generating because it has 5-detent taper control and precision. 

On the other hand, it has a lithium battery in features of FX8705, and its running time is up to 2hrs. Also, it has a knurled grip, which will give you comfort during hair cutting, and the grip is designed in light of all-metal housing. Moreover, this clipper comes out with 8comb attachments, and the size is between 1.5mm to 19mm. Its attachment combs are available in various sizes and it has replacement blades so that you change the blades if they are damaged. 

What We Liked

– Comes with replaceable blades.

– Ferrari designed engine.

– Detent taper control includes 8 comb attachments. 

– Has a knurled grip.

What We Didn't Like

– No rechargeable option.

Surker Cordless Hair Clippers

Surker Cordless clipper is best as hair trimmer and beard trimmer because of its functions, features, and benefits. Its carbon steel cutting blades stay sharp for a longer time and is easy to rinse after using it. Also, it has an adjustable cutting length that will help you create any look according to your needs. 

The cutting lengths depend on the variation of the tapper lever, which is approximately 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Additionally, it comes out with 6 guide combs that have different measures. Like an adjustable taper lever, you can also adjust the comb according to the height and create any hairstyle as you want. 

This cordless clipper has a rechargeable battery that is perfect for USB charging. However, it has a long-lasting power saver system that runs up to 300minutes. On the other hand, you can carry it anywhere you travel or for daily use. The most convenient part of this clipper is that you can charge it through a power bank, laptop, or any other device. Furthermore, it has a durable motor system that provides less noise hair cutting.

What We Liked

– Durable battery.

– Sturdy and long-lasting performance.

– USB charging.

– Adjustable taper lever. 

– 1year warranty.

– LED display system.

What We Didn't Like

– No cleaning kit. 

Ceenwes Cordless Clipper is an easy to use hair trimmer for all ages of people. It has 9 attachment guards and 5 precision length control, which allows cutting your hair in 33 lengths. Also, it has a sizeable durable battery with 2000mAh lithium-ion. The total running time of the battery is 240minutes, which gives consistent performance even after 3hr of full charge. 

On the other hand, it has durable blades that are made with Titanium & Ceramic. The best part of these blades are that they do not create any irritation or allergy to your skin. Therefore, you can feel the smooth cutting during trimming. Additionally, it comes with 16- piece haircutting kit that includes scissors, comb, charger adaptor, and so forth. Besides, it has a convenient storage box so that you can store basic kits whenever you travel. 

Moreover, this clipper has an ultra-quiet design with low vibration and is free from noise giving kids and babies comfortable feel while hair cutting. Yes, there will be no fear of hair cut anymore. Please try to keep in mind about the LED indicator that indicates Red light for low battery and Blue light for a full charge. Keep the blades in good state with oil as it extends the clipper’s life. 

What We Liked

– Durable battery. 

– Additional kits.

– Durable blades.

-Replaceable battery.

– Noise-free.

– Suitable for babies and kids.

What We Didn't Like

– Non-waterproof body.

Consider These Things before Purchasing Your Hair Clippers

Choosing the right hair clipper isn’t very difficult. Yet, a few core things that you should take into your consideration before you make any purchase, such as the following factors:  


A cheap quality hair clipper comes at a low-price, but it will never be economical. They are usually made of plastic, and the cheap-quality motor will give you the worst experience. Also, the blades will hack instead of giving you a smoother cut. You’ll be lucky if one of them lasts longer than a year. Choose a reliable hair clipper, and see its performance yourself.

The Motor (the most important part) 

A powerful motor is a prerequisite to have a smoother and comfortable haircut. Your chosen clipper must feature enough power that can even cut the toughest whiskers with ease. Also, the motor must not be noisy; otherwise, your neighbors and household will find it disturbing. Avoid clippers with cheap-quality motors as the motor will burn out quicker than you expect and provide less power to the blades.  


Most hair clippers come with stainless steel blades. Yet, you can invest a little more to purchase a clipper with ceramic blades. It’s acknowledged that ceramic blades are skin-friendly and lasts longer than regular steel blades. However, there are plenty of high-quality stainless steel blades available on the market that will equally satisfy your purpose.


If you are going to choose a battery-operated cordless hair clipper, consider the battery life to serve your need. Most standard hair clipper offers a runtime of 40 to 60 minutes with a single charge. But some provide more runtime than this.

Go for a Lithium-ion battery as it recharges faster than the regular ones and has a long battery life. The battery of your chosen clipper should give you the maximum performance even when the charge goes down.

Try to choose a hair clipper that features a battery life indicator. It’ll let you know when the charge goes below the threshold. Another thing to consider is that your chosen hair clipper should feature fast battery charging. That’s because it’ll be quite annoying if your clipper takes several hours to get fully charged. In some cases, some might even take 24 hours.

Know About The Parts & Functions

We already discussed the difference between a corded and cordless hair clipper. Go for the one which you find convenient and economical to use.


Most hair clippers come with all the necessary attachments and accessories. These include blade guard (keeps the blades sharper for an extended period), clipper oil and grease, comb attachment, and the like. Having a hair clipper with all the required accessories is better. But if you don’t need them all, you can go for a less expensive hair clipper that includes fewer accessories.

Grip and Ergonomics 

Choose an ergonomic hair clipper that is very comfortable to use. Your clipper’s weight, size, outer appearance, everything matters to have the best cut. A bulky hair clipper is likely to cause strain on your hands over an extended period of usage. Besides, make sure your chosen clipper gives a secure grip as slippery clippers tend to fall off and can ruin your hairstyle in a second.   

Easy to Maintain 

Regular maintenance can undoubtedly increase the lifespan of your hair clipper. Also, for efficient performance, you must brush your hair clipper after each usage. Thus, choose something easy to clean.

How to Increase the Battery Life Span of a Cordless Hair Clipper

Since the cordless hair clippers are fully battery-operated, taking care of them is a must to increase your clipper’s battery life span. To make the best use of your lithium-ion battery, you can consider the following advice:

Avoid Heat  

Never store your cordless clipper at a higher temperature as it affects the battery health, which results in a severe decline in its runtime. Extreme cold can harm the battery health as well. Thus, place your cordless clipper in a decent environment to maximize the runtime.

Never Drain the Battery Completely

Doing so with your battery may decline your battery lifespan by 5 times. The battery should be above 70% and try to maintain that. Therefore, following this advice alone will increase the lifespan of your battery up to 5 times.


Which one will be the best hair clipper for a bald head?

If you are particularly looking for the best hair clipper for a bald head, we can suggest you the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series. This hair clipper is one of the best choices by the professionals because of its features and benefits. It is perfect for close and fine hair cutting because it has t-wide blades, and it helps you give a detailing elegant line haircut.

Which one will be the best Cordless Clipper for professional use?

If you have long thick hair and looking for professional-use clipper, then Wahl Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper will be the best option. It is rechargeable and wireless. Also, it has a color-coded guide comb that is corresponding with the right cutting length of hair. Thus, it becomes more accessible than ever. 

Are corded clippers better than cordless?

Yes, to some extent, corded clippers are better than a cordless one. The major benefit in the corded clipper is you don’t need to charge your battery. Moreover, there is a hassle too. There is a high chance of getting the wire tangled while trimming. On the other hand, in the cordless clipper, there is no hassle of carrying wire because those trimmers are rechargeable.

How do you use a cordless hair trimmer?

At first, you need to gather clipper, comb, cape, vacuum, and neck shaver. Then pick the correct comb attachment of the clipper to get the desired hair length. Turn on the clipper and apply firm pressure from up towards the top. Then move on to the side of the head. Continue until you get the desired length. Lastly, trim the hairline. 

What is the best cordless hair clippers?

For beginners and professional use, Andis Master Clipper is the best cordless hair clipper so far. Why do we call it best? Because it has-

-High performance of the battery.

-Easy to carry. 

-Long-lasting power.

-High-speed rotary motor.

-Adjustable blades with zero-gapped.

-Reliable operating system.

-Additionally, it is suitable for ergonomic use. 

What is the Best Cordless clipper for fades?

Wahl professional cordless magic clip is highly recommended for those who are looking for heavy-duty performance. The best part of this clipper is that it is perfect for blending and fades.

Final Verdict

We tried to suggest you the best cordless hair clippers according to your choices. However, as you can see, all of the clippers have both pros and cons. We always believe that your comfort is above anything else. We hope you will find your desired functions in from our recommendations.



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