Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

Are you suffering from pimples? What’s the last date you washed the makeup brushes? I know the answer. We often do this; we forget to take care of the most sensitive tools around us.

Though the makeup brushes need enough attention, the users do not care until they get skin problems. I am here to solve these problems with the makeup brush cleaner and dryer. 

The best makeup brush cleaner is such a fantastic tool. It will save your time, and you will love to use the cleaner regularly. 

Without any further delay, let’s check the top 5 makeup cleaning brushes I have chosen. 

Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Starting with my favorite Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine. I have analyzed this tool for cleaning my brush. I am super excited to share with you what it offers.

First thing first! This cleaner has a reengineered cleaner spinner to make it more sturdy and durable. They have given their customers the total credit. Because the previous version had some flaws and consumers complained. 

And they got the chance to improve. 

Guess what? This tool has got approval from dermatologists. 

Your skin needs to breathe, and the protection comes from within. Whatever people apply on their skin needs to be cleaned. Nowadays, women are talking about deep cleaning. 

So, you have to take every move to keep your makeup brushes clean. Selene makeup brush cleaner is eligible to clean the brushes daily. 

Then, how will you use it? 

This brush cleaner comes with a dryer machine. And this dryer will help you to get a brand new feeling in every use. No one should compromise with the health of the skin. 

If the brushes are clean, you will enjoy pimple-free skin. Also, regular based cleaning will prevent the accumulation of bacteria in your skin. 

If you are thinking of washing the brush manually, let me tell you one thing. The manual cleaning of a brush will destroy the quality. Now, you might be wondering what sort of brushes can be cleaned with this tool. 

Any size of brushes you can clean using this cleaner. Also, this machine is handy to carry in your bag. It’s a travel-friendly tool to keep the skin healthy. 

What We Liked

  •     Cleans the dirt properly
  •     Dries off the brushes
  •     Contains a reengineered spinner
  •     Handy to carry 

What We Didn't Like

  •     Found nothing 

Let’s move on to the following fantastic brush cleaning tool, which is Neeyer Makeup Cleaner. This is one of the best makeup brush cleaners. What it has to offer us is fast cleaning and drying. 

You just heard me right. When makeup users need to go out, sometimes, they are in a rush. So, cleaning the brush regularly might not be their cup of tea. 

With fantastic features, the cleaner dryer has gained popularity in the market. Women or men – everyone is crazy about Neeyer for its productivity. 

For those people, this machine will be incredibly efficient. With 8 different rubber collars, the brushes are of great use. The collar diameters –

  •     3mm
  •     5mm
  •     7mm
  •     10mm
  •     15mm
  •     18mm
  •     24mm
  •     20mm

This brush cleaner has offered the users convenient cleaning and drying. And the cleaner can clean the brushes better than ever. Removes all the specks of dirt along with the chemicals; the brush cleans everything properly. Keeps your skin clean safe. 

It has offered some vital stuff apart from the brush. It includes-

  •     Makeup brush cleaner machine
  •     Spindles
  •     Collars 
  •     Bowl 
  •     Bowl neck
  •     Base stand
  •     User Manual

Comes with 8 different sizes of rubber to get set with all sorts of makeup brushes. If you check compatibility, you will see 95% of brushes match one of the 8 collars. 

Such an efficient makeup brush cleaner is a time saver for us. And the brushes will be safe without losing their natural texture. 

How to use the brush cleaner

  •     Choose the right size of the collar
  •     Put the brush inside the collar and adjust it properly
  •     Adjust properly with the spindle
  •     Pour ⅓ of warm water into the bowl
  •     Pour some liquid soap or shampoo
  •     Turn the power button on

After turning on the power button, you have to wait for 20 to 30 seconds. Meanwhile, you can change the speed of the machine. 

Adjust the speed and let it remove all the debris the bristles are containing. Then, pull out the brush. 

If you want to dry the brushes, put the brushes up to the water level. Let it dry for a while, and you are good to go. 

What We Liked

  •     Helps to maintain a clear skin
  •     Easy to use and carry 
  •     Harmful 
  •     One button design

What We Didn't Like

  •     Found nothing 
Tao Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner

You will miss something precious if you haven’t met Tao Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner. This brush has offered cleaning of 6 brushes at a single time. The duration of cleaning 6 brushes at a single time is only 2 minutes. 


If you are a makeup lover and used all the brushes for this party look, take 2 minutes to clean the brushes with sonic technology.

Additionally, sonic technology offers quick removal of the first oil and grime. And it doesn’t damage the texture of the brush. 

This makeup brush is free of fragrance, dyes, phosphates, chlorine. Many of my friends are vegan, and they love to save nature. 

Don’t worry! This tool is vegan-friendly in nature. 

A cruelty-free soap solution keeps the brushes soft. Also, they don’t dry out for this feature. Its compatibility is worth appreciation. 

Their motive is to provide an excellent experience to the users. 

Because the machine contains 6 multi-use cleaner pods. The brushes range from 5-18mm in diameter and don’t bother the users. 

They have given the instruction to the users, which are easy-peasy. 

  •     You need warm water to fill the base
  •     1.5 cups of water 
  •     1 soap pod
  •     Let them dissolve properly 
  •     Put the makeup brushes in the pod
  •     Turn on the power button 

After 2 minutes of sonic wash, the wash is done. 

Why should you use this machine?

The machine is super helpful to clean and dry the makeup brushes within 2 minutes. And you don’t have to wait for weekends to clean the brushes. 

It helps to dry your makeup brushes, too. So, lift up the standard of cleanliness and have healthy skin. 

But the only downside is it has is – it’s not easily portable. Other than this feature, the brush can be the go-to stuff for regular use.

It’s a bad habit of people to keep brushing dirt every day. Accumulation of pollution, chemicals make the brush junk. 

This machine comes with 50 rotations per second to solve these problems. So, 5000 rotations in each cycle to make the brushes neat and clean. 

What We Liked

  •     Highly efficient
  •     Eligible to clean 6 brushes together
  •     50 rotations per second
  •     Easy to use

What We Didn't Like

  •     Not portable 
Hangsun Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine

I know you are tired of buying the batteries for your makeup brush cleaning machines. But no more wasting your hard-earned bucks. I have brought another rechargeable cleaning and drying machine.

And it’s none other than Hangsun Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine. Everyone becomes lazy while it comes up to washing their makeup brush. Nothing to be ashamed of!

But this isn’t the right approach towards the brushes. Because the bristles are sensitive to gather whatever comes and sits on it. Whether it’s a germ or the neat makeup, the bristles catch everything. 

But I really don’t want you to have unwelcomed pimples, spots, or acne. So, you have to be a little more active and set the brushes in this machine. 

Let it rotate for 15 seconds. The spinner inside the machine is waiting for the germs, dirt. It will remove all of these from your soft and subtle makeup brush. 

Recharge the batteries and start to clean the brushes. 

We have heard from our friends how badly the makeup brushes are hurt after the washes. The manual wash is bad for makeup brushes. Because it removes the natural characteristics of a brush. 

On the other side, the machines with high speed might be dangerous for some of the brushes. Surprisingly, the machine has 3 adjustable speeds. 

It will ensure the brushes are safe with this machine. If you are cleaning the smallest brush, you might not need the high speed. 

Balance the speed based on the brush’s requirement. 

How to use the brush cleaner

  •     Pour the bowl with ⅓ water with warm water
  •     Set the brush with the spindle 
  •     Then, start the machine 
  •     Let the brush look like a new one within 15 seconds of cleaning.

Since it has featured 3 adjustable speeds, you must be careful about the requirements of bristles. Adjust the speed. 

If you need to dry the brushes, hold them up to the water level. It might take some time, but you are getting a brand new brush instantly.

What We Liked

  •     Comfortable to use
  •     Easy instruction
  •     Cleaning the brushes properly
  •     3 adjustable speeds

What We Didn't Like

  •     Found nothing 

Do you have 30-40 seconds for your brushes to clean? Yes! This is the only requirement WUDANGSHAN Makeup Brush Cleaner, and Dryer Machine has from a makeup brush user. 

This machine has a sturdy spinner to clean the brushes at an incredible speed. This innovative electric cleaner has impressed the users with its perfection. 


This is one of the best makeup brush cleaners on the market. People love it because it doesn’t finish its job until the brush is clean. Also, you are getting the dryer in this same machine. 

Not everyone has the time to consume makeup brush washing activities. And so it takes 30 to 40 seconds for the user to clean the brushes. 

Even if the brush is full of dark eye shadows or other dark colors, no problem. It will remove all the dirt within 20 to 40 seconds. 

How to use the brush cleaner

  •     Adjust the brush with the appropriate spindle
  •     Put the brush inside the spindle
  •     Use warm water to clean the brush
  •     Put only 1 brush at a single time

Attach with the spinner and add soap to the water. And let it dissolve properly. 

After that, the brush with a spindle has to be inside the bowl. Start the machine and let it work for a few seconds. You will see the water is changing its color for the oil, chemical, foundation you have used with it. 

Then pull it back. If you want to dry it naturally, it’s okay. But in case you want to use the dryer, hold the brush above the water level. 

Let it dry well, and it will be ready for the next use.

What We Liked

  •     Innovative makeup brush
  •     Acts as a dryer
  •     Takes a few seconds
  •     Easy to wash and dry
  •     Effortless kit 

What We Didn't Like

  •     Found nothing 


1. How often to clean makeup brushes

You should clean the makeup brushes weekly. The makeup brushes consist of dirt, oil, makeup residues, and other things. 

But if you are talking about washing the brushes, you have to wash them once a month. And clean the brushes once in 2 weeks. 

2. Can makeup brushes go in the washing machine?

If you want to wash the makeup brushes through the washing machine, it will only ruin the brushes’ texture. Also, the glue will get loosen. 

The bristles will lose the texture. The quality will gradually be ruined, so you shouldn’t wash the brushes through the washing machine. 

Final Thoughts

The best makeup brush cleaner can be your friend. It’s no surprise to us that you feel idle to clean the brushes. 

The machines and dryers are here to solve this issue. I have made this guide supersaturated with the top 3 best makeup brush cleaners. 

Choose either of them to get the best result. Save your valuable time and leave this task for electric or rechargeable cleaner machines. 

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